Video Shoot is a creative marketing company that produces high-quality professional videos for small to medium businesses throughout Auckland.


We have more than 15 years of media and marketing experience, and we bring that experience to producing videos that achieve great results for our clients.


Our focus is not just on producing attention-grabbing videos, but to do that within the context of an effective marketing strategy, so viewers are turned into customers.


We make the process simple for our clients, and guide them through every step, so making a stunning video becomes an easy and straightforward process for our clients.


And we are conscious of keeping our prices highly-competitive, so having a video made will not eat into your bottom line, but will add to your profitability.

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【SKY CHASER MEDIA GROUP】is the parent company of VideoShoot.co.nz. We have been publishing Chinese lifestyle magazine in NZ for more than 15 years, and that’s the reason, we know very well how to capture your audience and hold their attention. We’ve worked with a wide variety of small to medium businesses, making videos that sell their services and/or products.